Northern Virginia property management companies help tenant turnover

Avoiding tenant turnover can be difficult if you are an out-of-town landlord and are relying on friends and family to check in on your property. Many people who have left Northern Virginia due to reassignment have faced this very problem.

This is why many people have turned to Northern Virginia property management companies. These groups provide a few basic services that help minimize short occupancy cycles and head off vacancy periods.

While some homeowners may see property management groups as an added expense, the services they provide can be invaluable—especially if you have been reassigned to a base or federal office hundreds or thousands of miles away from the property you plan to rent.

You may first realize just how valuable having this assistance may be the first time you need to screen a prospective renter from several states or territories away, or when a tenant calls you about a leak at 2 a.m.

But avoiding these landlord headaches are only part of the reason why these services are deemed invaluable. Having someone in the area who can resolve issues is good for the tenant too. They see it as good customer service and it is one of several reasons why a tenant will consistently rent your property.

Here are some other reasons why hiring one of the many Northern Virginia property management companies can help minimize your tenant turnover:

Proper tenant screening:

Finding quality renters in the first place can do a lot to head off problems down the road. However, for many out of town landlords this step can be glossed over, especially when property management isn’t your primary occupation.

However, for Northern Virginia property management companies, taking the time to check off steps such as background checks, credit history, and referrals from previous landlords can go a long way to make sure your renter is not a fly-by-night tenant.

Quick response to maintenance issues:

While this can definitely benefit you if it means minimizing damage to property, your tenants will also see this as a plus as they don’t want to live in a home where they are forced to live with issues such as a running toilet or a leaky faucet.

Low maintenance living is supposed to be one of the benefits of renting and hiring one of the many Northern Virginia property management companies can help you ensure that you offer that lifestyle to your tenants.

Accurately set rent amount:

According to the site, a property management professional may be able to give you an expert view of what your ideal rent should be based on your property value, the time of year you have an opening and what else is available in your community.

The site says, “Determine the best rent rate – Too high and you are stuck waiting, to low and you’re losing money every month the tenant is in the unit. Determining the optimal price requires knowledge of the local market, data on recently sold comparables, and access to rental rate tools.”

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