How the Best Property Management’s Anaheim Firms Address Economic Development

Sometimes property management is deeply rooted in, and connected to, economic and community development. You will find that the best property management Anaheim firms are involved in making the community a better place to live, something which the city of Anaheim promotes and supports. Here is how you can get involved as a property manager to further the economic and community development of your city.


Offer Quality Apartments at an Affordable Rent


The first thing you can do to help with the economic aspect of community development is to offer disadvantaged people quality apartments at an affordable rent. If you do not own the property and just manage it, discuss this option with your boss. Rent deals may also be a way to drum up business, fill vacant properties and promote the properties you manage as a charitable organization.


If you own the properties you manage, sliding rent scales are a good way to control rent while providing an economic boost to the underprivileged and under-served. The city may also have some programs for subsidizing rent if you are willing to undergo the process of certification for subsidized rent. Subsidizing rent helps tenants get a leg up economically while providing them safe homes in which to live.


Community Development


If you manage properties and want to come at the economic and community development problem from the community development angle, then consider revamping several properties that are not habitable at the moment. Several vacant properties under your management can be rezoned and reconstructed for the purpose of commercial and/or business property. These enhanced properties, and the areas of Anaheim in which the properties are located, can make a really big impact on the community.


For example, construction, rebuilding and remodeling these properties creates dozens of jobs. The new homes, apartments and businesses created by these contractors and their crews make the community a more inviting and enticing place to work, live and shop. More new people moving into these revamped properties creates a stronger, safer and more profitable community, which in turn encourages others to take up residency and/or business space in these areas. This all comes about because you (and your property management firm) make the decision to upgrade your abandoned and vacant properties.


To further encourage your participation in economic and community development, grants and support programs are available through the City of Anaheim’s Community and Economic Development department. These grants and programs help curb the expense associated with upgrades, rezoning fees, construction costs and building code inspections prior to the launch of your revamped properties. If such an undertaking, and a charitable cause, interests you and your property management firm, be sure to contact the City of Anaheim’s Community and Economic Development department for more details, applications, application processes and a list of approved contractors who have agreed to work with the City of Anaheim on these particular projects. Then assess which properties would be the best candidates for these projects. Since Anaheim experiences year-round warm temperatures, you can begin these projects at any time, and begin promoting your participation and actions to the public as soon as the first property begins the process toward rejuvenation and providing better neighborhoods in your city.

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